Materials List - watercolour

When starting classes do not go out and buy everything listed, I will suggest just a limited range to get you up and running but typically they are the items below with a (B) next to them. (A) denotes materials that more advanced students may appreciate but they do tend to be more costly to gather. Where students have particular materials, but are not very familiar with them, if I do not currently use them, then I will make a point in learning how to work with them, in order to be able to offer advice. Following are a few of the materials listed I am familiar with, that I use in my classes on a regular basis. The paper: Bockinford 140lb Rough (B) Bockinford 140lb Smooth (B) Arches 300lb Rough (A) Arches 300lb Not (A) Arches 400lb Rough (A) Fabriano 140lb Rough (A) Fabriano 300lb Not (A) Sketch book for pencil (cartridge paper) Sketch book for watercolour The paints: Cotman Watercolour paints by Winsor and Newton (B) Particularly useful colours Cadmium yellow Cadmium red Alizarin crimson Ultramarine Cobalt blue Prussian blue Raw sienna Burnt sienna Raw umber Burnt umber Yellow ochre Cerulean blue *Indigo *Sap green *Hookers green *Viridian *These colours will be used later on in the courses Artist Quality Watercolour paints by Winsor and Newton (A) Holbein Watercolour paints (A) Daniel Smith Watercolour paints (A) The mixing with paint mediums: Gum Arabic Blending Medium Ox Gall liquid Lifting Preparation Iridescent Medium Texture Medium Granulation Medium Aquapasto Daniel Smith ground Other colouring, mark making materials: Inktense water soluble pencils and colour blocks by Derwent Watercolour pencils by Caran d Ache Indian ink by Winsor and Newton Artist pens both permanent and water soluble Watercolour inks Sketching pencils HB, 2B, 3B Permanent white Gouache by Winsor and Newton Acrylics by Winsor and Newton The brushes: Synthetic filaments Size 2 Round Size 4 Round Size 6 Round Size 8 Round Size 16 Round Small Hake Size 12 Flat Size 0 Rigger Fan Stippler Natural fibre ie, sable, squirrel and fitch Size 2 Round Size 4 Round Size 6 Round Size 8 Round Size 16 Round Size 12 Flat Size 0 Rigger Fan Stippler Bits and bobs: A water container (B) A mixing palette capable of holding water (B) Kneadable Putty eraser (B) Pencil sharpener Craft knife Sandpaper block Pentel water brush pens Paper stretching gum strip Masking tape (B) Natural sponges (B) Mist spray bottle (B) Masquepen masking fluid (B) Water pipette MDF art board (B) View finder Colour wheel Kitchen towel roll (B) Hair drier Brush carrier tube or roll Easel

Materials List - framing and mounting

Display resources if students wish to frame or mount Mount Board Flexitabs Conservation hanger tape Brown gummed paper tape D rings Nylon cord Push Master (borrow mine) Mount cutter (borrow mine) Additional advice available see the My Assistant menu in the main page listing

Materials List - pastel

Soft pastels and pastel pencils available from various manufacturers are my preferred pastel types Oil pastels available from various manufacturers
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