A collection of photo images to inspire during the summer rest

These pictures may be viewed on screen and used for your own art inspiration so long as should you sell your work, acknowledgement of where you obtained them from, be given. Imaginative uses are unlimited and happy creative holiday! By the way Broadchurch was filmed at West Bay with the ‘Police Station’, the lead policeman’s house, the murdered boy’s family home, the cliffs and the beach all visable.


These two images were taken during a visit to the village of Hambleton in the middle of Rutland Water, where the villagers were holding an open garden day.  Not only did we see some wonderful gardens and houses, but we  also walked around the rest of the ‘almost island’ during which time I spotted these images. Whilst on holiday in Dorset we went to West Bay just to the south of Bridport. There were a lot of different styles of building there, some nice but a lot of ugly ones too. However rather than looking at the bigger picture I spotted these images in the detail.  Rutland Water West Bay That is all for this time - got to keep some for other holidays!             Adrian